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Music composer & producer


Music production


Music production process starts with creating interesting harmony emphasizing the right emotions of your project and catchy melody and rhythm.


After creating the basics of composition we need to find right sound for the track. It must sound original, fresh and modern. Some projects need classical orchestra arrange and some project need original instruments and effects.


In todays quality of sample sounds, it is not neccesary to record whole orchestra or some unusual instruments. Of course, it is better, but not neccesary. Recording vocals, guitars, bass guitar, etc are common. As a guitarist, I always record my guitars live into my tracks.


Mixing the track is an important part of music production process. Quality hardware, software and mainly a lot of skills and trained ears are neccesary for good sounding record.


Mastering is another important part of process. it makes a track sound loud enough. It makes a track sound similar to another tracks and competitve.


To get the full potential of the track I can fit the final music into your project. Making loops of track, fits the track into the cuts of your movie are common practices.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.

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